Coniston Slaughter

The Lakes, England

The Awesome Lake District

All that mother nature can challenge you with

Your experience starts with a 300m trek to the base of Raven Crag. You’ll need your helmet on as you begin your scramble to the summit. The next gruelling trek takes you to the Devil’s Quarry where a 150ft abseil awaits…will you dare to look down?

The thrills keep on coming when you reach the bottom and realise that the next challenge is throw yourself from opposite quarry into the freezing cold water below. Swimming to the other side you’ll need to keep moving to keep your body temperature up. Up next is the tunnel, it’s pitch black and it’s wise to hold onto the person in front as you wade through the water towards the light.

The next treks will take your breath away! Ever looked at a fast flowing gyhll full of boulders and thought “Yeah, I could run up that?” well, that’s exactly what you’ll do now. The water’s icy and the rocks are slippery – can you handle it?

I hope you’ve saved some energy, you’ll have to pull yourself along this Cliffhanger-style Tyrolean traverse before you can earn your Go Wild medal!


If you decide to join us for a 2 day experience, you’ll also get to camp in the wild, cook your own meals and brace yourself for day 2. You’ll tackle another 10km trek, a whopping abseil and a challenging Tyrolean traverse.

One Day Event £95 + vat

Two Day event (including camping) £195 + vat

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Coniston Slaughter - Open Event April 2019 (1 Day)

Sun 28th April 2019
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Coniston Slaughter

The Lakes, England

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